JANUARY 24, 2020




1:00 - 3:00PM

Chesapeake Environmental Consulting, is a local Maryland company specializing in waste and recycling management for commercial properties in the Baltimore – Washington metro area, with customer locations nationwide.

Our clients include property owners, developers and managers of multi-family, commercial, retail, retirement facilities and independent schools. Anywhere waste and recycling is generated, we’re involved. 

When was the last time you reviewed your current waste and recycling operations? If you’re waste costs appear high, you would like to see your properties become more green by recycling more materials, waste company invoices seem confusing with many fees and unauthorized increases, you are tired of dealing with waste companies and their often empty promises of service and frustrated with excessive phone time trying to reach a hauler to resolve an issue, then please talk with us!

We have nearly 20 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry. We provide personal one-on-one service with you to review each of your locations for right-sizing of service, invoice reviews, contract negotiations, cost-cutting, hauler reviews, zero-waste analysis, technology reviews and even some consolidation of services where possible. We cover all phases of waste removal and reduction while providing price reductions and on-going management of your locations. 

We keep you updated on the latest changes in the waste and recycling industry. Recycling is changing quickly with markets to recycle standard materials disappearing. Today’s recycling is specific to your properties geographic location and can vary depending on a haulers and where they take materials to market for sorting and processing. We keep you apprised of changes and local regulations and requirements. We also file municipal recycling reports on your behalf where mandated. Finding a vendor, training staff and developing an organic waste program for restaurants and commercial kitchens are a part of our business model as well.  

If your properties require equipment (compactors, balers), we have partnerships with equipment vendors and haulers with negotiated discounts for our clients. We provide annual budgeting, site reviews with architects to help in design of trash removal and recycling areas and meet with cleaning companies and property managers to help them understand and sort trash and recycling properly. We often design and construct enclosures for containers and have the ability to order dumpsters directly from steel manufacturers for greater discounts to our clients. We will interface with haulers when problems arise with service, missed pick-ups, deliveries and property damage. We take the burden of waste management off of you so you can concentrate on other aspects of property management!

And, we can even pay your waste and recycling invoices for you! Just let us know how much we can do for you and we’ll get started. Please call to set-up a review and one-on-one meeting today to see how many ways Chesapeake Environmental Consulting can help manage your waste streams and locations!